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The Tarbais Bean Cooperative

The Tarbais Haricot Cooperative was created in 1988 by farmers who wanted to restore its credence to this endangered white bean. This production was also an opportunity for the bigourdan farmers to supplement the incomes of their exploitation and to highlight their soil.

Convinced by the culinary and gustatory qualities of the Tarbais Bean but also by its agronomic and environmental interest, they embarked on the adventure to 12 accompanied by a technician from the Chamber of Agriculture: Pierre PUJOL.

They have worked tirelessly over the past 30 years to develop both production and marketing and to make the product of which they are so proud to be widely known to consumers and farmers.

La Coopérative du Haricot Tarbais
Histoire du Haricot Tarbais

Still today, located in Tarbes in the Occitan region, our Cooperative has a role of advice and service to its producers.

It also ensures the collection and sorting of their production as well as the promotion and commercialization of Tarbais Beans IGP and Label Rouge whether dry or processed in our ready meals. It is today a key player in the local area.

You will understand that the mission of our cooperative is to promote a local product and gastronomy and it pursues its main objectives to remain an independent cooperative and human scale!

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