The Tarbais Bean

What is the
Tarbais Bean?

It is the first white bean to obtain a PGI (Protected Geographical Identification) and a Red Label.

The culture is subject to the respect of these two specifications which guarantee in particular the designation Tarbais Haricot by delimiting a precise production zone and by using approved seeds from the local inheritance.
It is therefore a non relocatable production!

Add to that, the lands of Bigorre and the sweetness of its climate and you will obtain tarbes beans with very interesting characteristics and unique taste properties.

Qu'est-ce que le Haricot Tarbais
Production du Haricot Tarbais

The commitment, the know-how and the love of the product are our identity.

Indeed our dry beans are known and recognized for its unparalleled skin fineness, an exceptional fondant and a holding cooking that makes it perfect for all types of recipes. From the legume family, it is also of nutritional interest for people who want to eat a balanced diet.

Another feature visible at first glance is its original shape. While all other varieties grown in French regions have a spherical or ingot shape, the Tarbais Bean is distinguished by its kidney-shaped seed. At maturity, the Tarbais Bean grain is also, significantly more generous.

Still today picked up by hand in the fall by many collectors, our production remains anchored in its territory.

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