The Tarbais Bean
The traditional product IGP and Label Rouge certified

The special qualities of Tarbais Haricot are characterized by its geographical origin and the specific know-how necessary for its cultivation. Of superior quality, it meets a precise specification, categorizing it as the first dry white bean.

Produit traditionnel certifié IGP et Label Rouge

A product
two certifications

Tarbais Bean production is governed by 2 specifications :

Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) guaranteeing quality and know-how related to its geographical origin.

The Red Label guaranteeing superior quality compared to similar products marketed.

These two specifications are held and protected by the Tarbais Bean Interprofessional Association which guarantees their respect by the entire network of operators.

The Tarbais Bean is thus the first bean to obtain the Red Label in 1997 and the IGP in 2000.

Red Label and IGP

Production in the IGP area:

the department of Hautes-Pyrénées below 700 meters altitude and the municipalities of the neighboring cantons. Plots selected by soil analysis to guarantee a fondant and a delicacy of skin.

  • - Use of certified seeds from local heritage . The seeds are produced in the IGP zone and in the respect of the IGP and Label Rouge specifications.
  • - Production on corn stakes or nets.
  • - Respect for a spacing between rows of 1.2 meters to facilitate sunshine and optimize sanitary quality.
  • - Manual harvest.
  • - Heat treatment for weevil control.

Compliance with these specifications by the producers and the Cooperative is monitored throughout the process by the Cooperative's technicians with field visits, inspection on receipt and approval of the lots, but also by a QUALISUD certifying body.