Our producers

Today, 60 growers join the Tarbais Haricot Cooperative and produce our precious white ingot. They are at the heart of the system because our Cooperative is a single product and receives only Tarbais Bean IGP and Label Rouge from the farms of our members.

But a unique product does not mean a unique profile of farmers, it is even more the opposite with great diversity. Whether they are grain farmers, breeders, market gardeners or winemakers, they are all driven by the love of the product and their terroir, and they are committed to bringing an ancestral tradition to life.

All located in the Protected Geographical Identification Zone, our farmers come from various horizons: the plain, plateaus, hillsides and piedmont! But no producers in mountain because above 700 m, our white bean can not develop properly because of climatic conditions which are not favorable to him.

There are small producers who sow 10 ares that is to say the equivalent of the surface of a football field and producers who sow up to 12 hectares, which represent 72 km of white bean furrows !

The Tarbais Bean today allows young farmers to settle on family farms by bringing additional income to the farm. The renewal of the generations is now engaged since 1/3 of producers under 35 years. But all generations are usually found at the time of manual harvest of our dry beans because all hands are welcome!

We are proud of the diverse profile of our members, representative of our agriculture and essential to maintain the values ​​of our Cooperative!