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Our Tarbais Bean is a legume whose benefits make it the food of choice! & Nbsp;
From the most rustic to the most refined preparations, dried beans can be used in a thousand ways.
Legumes are therefore foods with great nutritional virtues and here are 12 good reasons to eat legumes and therefore white beans.

- high in protein
- rich in iron
- low in fat
- low in sodium
- a good complementary source of calcium
- an excellent source of fiber
- a good source of potassium
- low glycemic index
- guarantees without cholesterol
- rich in B vitamins including B9 (folates)
- rich in magnesium, zinc and potassium
- adapted to celiac people and sensitive to gluten

Because they quickly provide a feeling of fullness they will also be appreciated by those who want to eat less!
But above all:

- Dry beans offer many of the benefits of meat, including a high iron content, without the disadvantages of fat.
- Their fibers regulate both intestinal transit, cholesterol level and blood sugar.
- In addition to being important sources of vegetable protein and dietary fiber, these legumes are full of minerals and vitamins.

Dry, legumes are part of products with a long shelf life and do not lose their nutritional qualities.

Tips and tricks to succeed for sure
your tarbais beans recipes

Good practices:

Soaking :

Never forget the soaking and it's simple and it's all you need to think about it!

Place your dried beans in a large volume of cold water. Ideally, a whole night (12 hours). Surprise wake up your beans have doubled in volume during this operation. 

Histoire du Haricot Tarbais
Histoire du Haricot Tarbais

Bakin :

Be careful, change the water, drain the beans and put them back into a large volume of cold water. Cooking starts with cold water (they are not pasta!).

Be inventive: you can cook your white beans in broth without salt or flavor the cooking water with different herbs and / or herbs: laurel, thyme, celery, onion, carrots etc. 

Cook at a simmer for at least 1 hour. 

You can also stop cooking when the beans are still very slightly crisp to incorporate in a preparation in which they will finish cooking.

Always salt them at the end of cooking, to avoid popping them, to harden their husks and to lengthen their cooking time. 

Retention :

The tip of the organized people: It is convenient to prepare at once a certain quantity that will keep several days in the refrigerator or even in the freezer. Now it's up to you to play them in different ways.

Cooking Aids
and other recipes

If you're in a hurry or you do not have the soul of a great chef, the tarbais bean cooperative has everything planned:

You will find our beans cooked in the natural that you can decorate according to your desires.

Ready-to-heat cooked to accompany your meats

The South West classics in complete dishes: Garbure et Cassoulet

And for the amateurs of discoveries our original recipes: Tarbais Braised Trout, Tarbais Bean Chicken et Tarbes beans with vegetables from the sun

Histoire du Haricot Tarbais

Unique culinary properties
related to its production method

An exceptional cooking performance gives our Tarbais Beans a quality appreciated by restaurateurs whether starred or not. Well beyond Occitanie all praise her thin skin that makes it melting in the mouth, light and digestible. These characteristics are directly related to the soil typology of the region of TARBES, the soil of our dry beans production.