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  The Tarbais Haricot and local products from the Hautes-Pyrenees

The Tarbais Haricot, that culinary gem of Southwest France, occupies an important place amongst the other products of a land which smells deliciously of the Occitan region and of the Pyrenees mountains. Salted meats, charcuterie, duck and goose preserves, foie gras, canned products, locally produced meat, vegetables, fish, wines, bread and cakes, cheese and milk products, honey, walnuts, hazelnuts, chocolate confectionery... a myriad delights for you to discover...

Some of the best-known :

Porc Noir de Bigorre. Tasty pork with a unique flavour.

"Bareges-Gavarnie" Lamb. With AOC status, this meat is famed for its exceptional quality, achieved by rearing the animals in a way that makes best use of the natural environment and the traditional knowledge that can cope with mountainous terrain and a harsh climate.

Madiran wine. A little name for one of the greatest quality wines !

Pyrenees Trout. A relative of the brown trout stock, cultivated among the gravel beds and mountain streams of the Pyrenees.

Pyrenees Honey. Produced by generations of a family of beekeepers.

Label Rouge, Certificate of Product Conformity, AOC, IGP, organic products (AB status)... there are so many guarantees of quality in the Hautes-Pyrenees Region...

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