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  Tarbais Haricot Recipes : a taste that nourishes tradition

The first French haricot to be granted the Label Rouge, 1997, Tarbais Haricots are famed for their extremely thin skin, which makes them easier to cook and gives them an unbeatable, delicate flavour. It also makes them light on the stomach and easy to digest. The starch content is very low, so they are remarkably tender. They don’t burst during cooking or turn to mush on your plate, but when the time comes, they melt in your mouth to deliver their creamy texture. Delicious ! In the kitchen, Tarbais Haricots have some amazing qualities : they cook 10% to 50% faster* and absorb 10% to 20%* more water* than other varieties. *(Compared with lingot, coco and soisson varieties : study carried out by the Auch CRITT-CTCPA agricultural technology research centre.

According to nutritionists, Tarbais Haricots are full of health benefits. Low in lipids (1% fat) and rich in fibre and protein, Tarbais Haricots are very low in calories : 128 Kcal/100 gr of soaked beans. Pulses help to balance the protein in your diet and may help to prevent heart disease and some types of cancer.

The ‘culinary gems’ of Southwest France, Tarbais Haricots are acclaimed by the greatest celebrities of French Cuisine as the best of the 224 varieties grown in this country. These days you will find Tarbais Haricots being served in high-class establishments as far away as the USA, Japan, Australia...


Dried beans Fresh beans
60 80 grams per serving 120 160 grams per serving
(fresh shelled or frozen)

Soak overnight in cold water : they will double in volume. Discard the water, place in a large pot of fresh cold water and bring to the boil.
Continue cooking on a low heat for about 1 hour (30 min. in the pressure cooker). Add salt halfway through cooking time.

Blanch without soaking. Place in cold water and bring rapidly to the boil. Drain and refresh with cold water, then cook on a low heat as for dried beans for 30 45 minutes.


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