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The Tarbais Haricot marks of Quality - Label Rouge and IGP

Produced by individual growers, inspected and labelled, all strictly in compliance with the French terms and conditions of production and sale which ensure that the Tarbais Haricot is still a traditional local product of outstanding quality. The Tarbais Haricot was the first bean to be granted the Label Rouge, in 1997, and in the year 2000 it obtained IGP status (Indication of Protected Geographical Origin).

With the benefit of the correct soil and climate for its growth, the Tarbais Haricot is even better !

Favourable soil :

The land around Bigorre is known for its light, silt-laden and rather stony soil, with a somewhat acid PH and little clay. Too much clay would thicken the seed coat and make the bean more floury. The plants benefit from the gravel of the Pyrenean mountain streams, which store up warmth during the day and release it during the night.

Suitable climate :

The type of soil is not enough to explain the distinctive qualities of the Tarbais Haricot. In fact, the same seed, grown in identical conditions on very similar soils in other areas (Petites Pyrenees, alluvial terraces of the Garonne...), do not produce the same quality.

Bigorre is where the oceanic influence of the Gulf of Gascony meets the continental effects of the Toulouse region : the resulting pleasant climate is a determining factor in the character of the Tarbais Haricot. Our area is free from the drying “devil’s wind” (the Autan); instead it benefits from the temperate Föhn, which comes from Aragon and grows gentler as it crosses France.

Major prescriptive conditions for Label Rouge and IGP status


Production within a defined area (IGP) - Hautes-Pyrenees and neighbouring cantons (refer to map)

Selection of low-clay and acid soils

Compulsory soil analysis; plot rotation every two years

Use of selected, certified seed (ALARIC)

Minimum space of 1.6 m between rows for healthy, sun-drenched plants

Efficient cultivation : operations carried out in accordance with observed requirements, with emphasis on soil preparation

Phased manual harvesting (no machines used) of ripe crop

Total traceability system ensures beans can be traced to the plot where they were grown


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