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  Tarbais Haricot Cooperative : history, activities, people

In the Adour valley in the 1980s, a handful of growers in Bigorre, proud of their local treasure, decided to recommence production of the Tarbais Haricot in this part of the Pyrenees with its ideal soil and climate. In 1988, the enterprise was consolidated by the creation of a Cooperative based on 12 growers. In 1997, the Tarbais Haricot became the first bean to be granted the Label Rouge and in the year 2000 the Indication of Protected Geographical Origin (IGP) strengthened its standing in the strictly defined zone where its cultivation is flourishing.

The Tarbais Haricot Cooperative (CHT) today : >> go to organisation chart

64 members across the IGP zone

7 permanent employees and many seasonal posts (equivalent of 15 full time jobs)

120 hectares under cultivation, of which 75 are companion planted with maize

130 metric tons marketed each year

Grading unit and members’ supplies centre

marketing and sales department open Monday to Friday arranges deliveries all year round

technical service for grower members

The Cooperative’s role is to provide the grower with all the advice and services necessary for the production of Tarbais Haricots in compliance with the prescriptive conditions for Label Rouge and IGP status, but also to promote and commercialise the whole crop produced by all its members

The Tarbais Haricot Cooperative (CHT) has a comprehensive technical service :

Expert General Manager and Technical Supervisor to look after quality programmes

Over 150 site visits per year : internal Label Rouge inspections, technical advice...

Approximately 15 warning notices per year : this assists efficient production

Around 100 soil analyses and a dozen residue analyses per year.

Three to five technical site meetings per year with the presence of specialists in pulse cultivation...

Set-up and monitoring on-site experiments.

Centre for the supply of specialist equipment : small propping items, specific items...

Assistance with managing seasonal workers.

Managing the Cooperative’s grading unit : use of machines, acceptance and preparation of batches, general management...

The Tarbais Haricot Cooperative (CHT) has set up a skilled sales and marketing department :

A Sales & Marketing Supervisor and Assistant are available to help you.

Our range of products extends from seeds to dried beans, by way of the ready-cooked product (available all year round).

Quotations issued within 24 hours.

Computerised order management and upstream/downstream traceability.

At clients’ request, we can give our sales representatives to product-specific training.

On request, we can organise on-site presentations by growers, staff or specialist agencies.

We have a large range of POS materials and publicity/promotional items to assist sales.

The Cooperative takes part in many promotional exhibitions : the Paris and Tarbes Agricultural Shows, the Saveurs (winter) and Paris Fermier Salons, SISQUA – the International Food Safety and Quality Week (Toulouse), the Tarbais Haricot Festival (September), the trade fairs in Lille, Lyon, Montpellier...

The Cooperative takes part in many trade events.



Tarbais Haricot Cooperative - 4 chemin de Bastillac - 65000 Tarbes - France - Tel : + 33 (0)562 347 676 - cht@haricot-tarbais.com